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The main reason of this site is to share some ideas about an interesting method of rendering three-dimensional images: Hand-drawn or scratch holograms.

Scratch Holography

Scratch holograms are performed by drawing circular scratches using dividers onto a plastic substrate. This method was popularized by William J. Beaty in his page Hand Drawn Holograms.

Across these pages I will explain some techniques I use for making scratch or Hand drawn holograms. I dedicated some time to explore possibilities of this kind of holograms by means of making them easier to create and view. I also tried to increase their versatility, looking for a way of expanding these techniques to a wider range of three-dimensional objects, without limiting it application to a few simple geometrical shapes.I want to share my work’s results that cover techniques of drawing and viewing scratch holograms, and a computer program that makes it easy to create a great variety of different scratch patterns from 3d objects, designed using popular three-dimensional editors.