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3dSilhouette Program

This program allows to create scratch patterns using 3d objects in 3ds format as input data.

Scratch patterns may be used as a guide for drawing scratches on to an apropriate working media.

As a result, the program calculates a set of patterns, that may be printed or saved as bitmap files. 

Working with 3d objects

3ds format objects can be opened and managed using programs three-dimensional graphic interface. They can be viewed, rotated, moved and scaled. these features are useful to choise correct orientation of the object before creating patterns.

Creating Silhouette

3ds format object are based in a 3d polygon structure. It is also called 3d polygon mesh. These structures contains facets, edges and points and can be used for creating all kinds of 3d shapes and scenes.

These objects may be very complex, as the number of edges and facets increases.  Complex objects are difficult to represent using scratch holography because of the great number of points that exceedes possibilities of working media.

So in most of cases, there is a need of simplfying the objects in order to reduce the number of scratches to a reasonable amount.

To accomplish this task, the program performs a procedure called "get silhouette" that delineates most important edges of the object creating a king of simplified "sketch" also called silhouette.

This procedure also deletes non visible facets, according to object orientation in relation to the viewer. Obtained "wire framed" sketch may be also edited manually by adding or deleting edges for retouching the model, using program's edit feature.  After all these transformations, object is ready for using to make scratch patterns.