Hand-Drawn Holograms

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Hand-Drawn Holography

Look at these toggling pictures. They where made from pairs of photographies  taken using standard methods of stereo photography. Then, they where made alternating using and appropriate software for giving the sense of motion depth. Photographies where taken from so called “Hand Drawn” or “Scratch” holograms, representing three-dimensional objects. This means that when you look at them, you will see them approximately as they look in reality.



Hand Drawn Holograms (HDH) are a kind of holograms that you can easily make, using just a few resources, with almost no cost. You should know that making real holograms, with lasers, hologram photo plates, chemicals and so on, is a very expensive hobby. Then, you can tray this other approach that isn’t so spectacular and fine, but that will give you amazing and in occasions, unexpectedly good results.

Here is a cube floating in front of the screen.

Here you should see a pyramid which upper vertex is outgoing from the screen towards you.

Basically, my work was aimed at the achievement of these following goals:

 -Find a well suited working media for drawing the hologram.

 -Find the best method of indoor viewing.

 -Develop a systematic procedure that helps in hologram drawing, making it a simple and straightforward task.

Basic idea of HDH consist in breaking original image into set of discrete points, and for each point draw an arc-shaped scratch into a plastic sheet. Arc radii will be proportional to corresponding point “depth”. When viewing HDH and depending of relative positions of light source and hologram itself, these depths will be perceived as going inside the hologram or departing from it towards the viewer.

Here is a three-dimensional sphere going out of screen.